Iran Pistachio Production in 2017

The second meeting of the Iranian Pistachio Association’s Gardening Committee was held in late July this year with the aim of forecasting the production of 1396 pistachios in the Kerman Chamber of Commerce.

One of the important activities of the Gardening Committee of the Association is to review and predict the amount of pistachio production each year before harvest and estimate it at two post-harvest time points. For this purpose, pistachios are expected to be produced in the country after gathering information on pistachio production from the community representatives throughout the country and presenting comments and reporting on field observations by committee members.

According to the committee’s conclusions, the country’s production of dry land is projected to be about 235,000 tonnes in 2017, up from nearly 53% compared with last year’s production. Of course, due to the fact that the year of the previous product and the damage to frost and pests occurred during the year, there was a significant increase expected for the current year, but the poor quality of the winter cold, the fluctuations in the spring temperature, and the severe heat at the end of April this year, the damage to some cultivars Which led to somewhat moderated expectations.