Exports of fruits, vegetables and fruits without a standard identification code were banned

Exports of fruit outside the standard defined in the agreement between the exporters and the standardization consensus will be banned soon.
According to the Iranian Trade Development Organization, referring to customs concerns about the failure to comply with the specification of packaging of various types of fruit and vegetable exports in the past year: with the consent of the exporters in this regard, from now on, the fruits and grains of exports with the same specifications in the package Will be issued.
Referring to the importance of cooperation and synergy between fruit and vegetable exporters, he said at the first meeting of the Fruit and Thrush Center at the Trade Development Organization, he added: “Our main concern is the formulation of short and long term strategic plans for removing obstacles and development Export of fruits and vegetables.
More than 30 of the problems in this area, such as tax obstacles, bank profits, transportation, health controls, product health licenses, etc., were discussed by exporters, manufacturing and export organizations, representatives of the Agricultural Jihad, the organization Shipping, transportation and provinces related to the export of fruits and vegetables and the deputies of this field, and stipulated that the issues raised in the next two weeks will be on the agenda of the experts and review the solutions. In the year 95, Iran’s fruit and vegetables were worth 942 Million dollars and weighing 3.6 thousand tons to countries such as Russia, Qatar, Pakistan, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan