Export of Iranian Vegetables

The diverse climate of Iran, along with its fertile soil, has provided a good opportunity to export varieties of varieties, grains and vegetables to various countries, including the southern countries of the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Russia and Europe. This opportunity is gaining momentum in the cold months (December to April).


The Avazeh Bazargani Arian Company, using the best seeds and modern packaging methods used to preserve the freshity and shelf life of vegetables and fruits, includes its own short cucumber, long cucumber, tomatoes, onions, potatoes , Sweet peppers and various types of vegetables such as celery, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower from Yazd, Khuzestan (Dezful), Hormozgan and Kerman provinces to their target markets.
The technology of packaging vegetables and fruits The Avazeh Bazargani Arian Company has been controlled by nanotechnology and the atmosphere, which is the product of the research of academic centers and domestic knowledge companies that have been completed with import of other related items from major European producers.
The company, using the best laboratory facilities, is able to supply and export vegetables and pesticides free of pesticides, residues of chemical fertilizers and heavy metals.
You can contact the company’s business department to use the consultancy of the company’s experts in the field of vegetable and vegetable exports or the presentation of the order.