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Exports of various tomatoes of Iran

Iran has the power to harvest and export tomatoes and, by targeting some countries and the widespread advertising it is making, it pays to pay. What do you know about tomato exports? The tomatoes of Iran are unique and cultivators in different fields of the country planted in fields and greenhouses to grow a variety […]

Export of Iranian Vegetables

The diverse climate of Iran, along with its fertile soil, has provided a good opportunity to export varieties of varieties, grains and vegetables to various countries, including the southern countries of the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Russia and Europe. This opportunity is gaining momentum in the cold months (December to April). The Avazeh Bazargani Arian Company, […]

Iran Pistachio Production in 2017

The second meeting of the Iranian Pistachio Association’s Gardening Committee was held in late July this year with the aim of forecasting the production of 1396 pistachios in the Kerman Chamber of Commerce. One of the important activities of the Gardening Committee of the Association is to review and predict the amount of pistachio production […]

?How can determine the size of pistachios

Pistachio sizes, expressed numerically, show the number of 5 pistachio in 142 grams of pistachios. For this purpose weigh 142 grams of pistachios and count them and divide them by 5. The resulting number shows pistachio size. The pistachios’ size indicates less coarseness of the pistachio seeds and therefore more expensive. size 20 to 22: […]